How do I create and manage my offers, deals or promotions?

Brief Overview of Steps to Get Started

1. Sign up for a Klickle Merchant Account 

2. Set up you Klickle Merchant Account on the  Klickle Merchant Portal (this is typically done when signing up)

3. Install the Klickle for Business Owners App for iOS or Android

4. Sign into the Klickle for Business Owners App (use the same credentials as the Klickle Merchant Portal)

4. Start creating unique content through the Klickle for Business Owners App : post daily specials, happy hours, food truck locations and updates

The new Klickle for Business Owners app (Klickle Biz App) allows you to easily create and publish daily specials, happy hours, updates and food truck location cards which are displayed to your customers in the Klickle App.  After creating and setting up your account on the Klickle Merchant Portal next install the Klickle for Business Owners App. Once installed, open the app, sign in with your account credentials and begin creating content by pressing the Create button and following the on screen instructions.  Add descriptions and pictures to make attractive and engaging content for users of the Klickle app. You may even enhance your cards making them larger for greater impact and visibility.

Get the Klickle for Business Owners app on the  Apple App Store and the Google Play Store today!

If you wish to access and edit business specific information like your business name, description, and store locations, hours and menus, log into the  Klickle Merchant Portal.

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