How do I get started using Klickle?

Download the Klickle App from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to begin following your favorite local business and keep up to date on all the latest happenings with local businesses in your area.

A Quick Look At The Klickle App In Pictures

What Does It All Do?

The Today Screen is the main screen in the app and has two lists: your Klickle list and a Discover list. Your Klickle list show all postings (we like to call them cards) from businesses you are following. The Discover list shows all other cards from businesses you are not following. 

To begin following a business tap the Add Business button in the upper left corner on the app to bring up Add Business Screen containing a list of all businesses in the app. From here you can tap the Klickle control from off to on and the control will switch to the on position and turn pink. That's it, business is followed! You can also follow businesses by tapping the Klickle control from off to on a card on the Discover list for that business and the control will turn pink. The same can be done from the card's details screen. After following a business from the Add Business list, a card on the Discover list, or a card's details, switch to the Klickle list to see all of that businesses current postings there. To unfollow a business use the Add Business list to turn the Klickle control to the off position.

If you see a card you like, tap it to bring up the Details for that card

If you want to see a Map of all business, when on the Today screen swipe your finger from the right side of the screen to the left side and watch the magic happen.

If you want to change any Settings in the app, when on the Today screen swipe your finger from the left side of the today screen to the right side.

So here is a quick fun quiz to see how closely you read: 

What is main screen on Klickle called? (answer: The Today Screen)

How many lists does the Today Screen have? (answer: two! the Klickle list and the Discover list)

How many screens does Klickle have? (answer: five! the Settings screen, Today screen, Add Business screen and Map screen and the card Details screen)


Business Owner?

Are you a business owner? To get started, you'll first need to sign up for a Klickle Merchant Account, set up your account in our Merchant Portal and then download Klickle Biz App to begin creating content to let your customers know about all your latest daily specials, happy hours, updates, locations updates (for food trucks) and more.  For further details see:  How Do I Create And Manage My Offers, Deals Or Promotions?

**At this present time we are taking beta sign up requests for businesses at

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