Looking for Food Trucks in the app?

If you're viewing this article then we assume you love food trucks. We also love food trucks and greatly value all the food trucks partnering with us. We've created this article to help with food truck questions you may have.

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If at the moment you are not seeing any trucks in the Klickle app on either the Today Screen Feed or the Map, then the most likely reason is that no truck is currently out serving at the present time. Try closing the app and reopening it again and checking just to be sure.

If you know that a particular truck is serving at the present time then that truck has not made their location known on the app. This could be due to a variety of reasons. Below are a series of scenarios that may have occured along with some possible solutions.

Scenario 1. The truck forgot to set their location 

Solution: Contact the truck and remind them you want to see their location on the Klickle app

(NOTE: Using the Klickle app, there are two possible ways to contact the truck. After navigating to the truck's business details page within the app, tap either the call icon (phone image) to call the truck or tap the website icon (globe image) to navigate to the truck's website for additional contact information)

Scenario 2: The truck is not on the Klickle App

Solution: Contact the truck and let them know you wish to see them on Klickle

Scenario 3. The truck is serving a private event and didn't wish to make their location known

Solution: You can't really do anything about this but be aware you may likely be able to host a private event of your own. Try checking out the truck's website for more information on their availability and catering options.

Scenario 4: Poor internet connection has made setting their location impossible

Solution: This is very unfortunate but it does happen. You may be able to find information about the trucks location on the trucks website.

We do not control whether a truck appears on the app, we provide a tool for the truck to make themselves appear on the app. If you find that a truck you follow is not regularly posting, then please reach out to the truck and let them know you are interested in seeing their location on Klickle. Many times we've found that the truck operator merely forgot to post their location. We are sure your followed trucks would love to hear from you so feel free to offer them a friendly reminder to keep posting their location on the app and if they are posting, then let them know how much you appreciate them!

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions regarding food trucks and we would be happy to help!

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