Setting Up Your Business On Klickle

Thank you for signing up for Klickle. We hope the following guide serves to aid you in setting up your business on Klickle. In order to start reaching your customers follow the steps below: 

1. Log into the Klickle Merchant Portal and set up your business

Login to the Klickle Merchant Portal at

a. Fill out your Public Profile

Once you’ve logged into the Klickle Merchant Portal with your merchant account fill out your business’s public profile. Here is where you upload your business logo, a profile image, and fill out general business info for you customers to view in the Klickle App. 

b. Create your first store

Next it’s time to create your first store so that your customers can find you on the map in the Klickle App. Be sure to pick the appropriate store type when setting up your stores. 

For permanent physical store locations select Fixed

For a food trucks select Truck

For a food or product stands select Stand

For any other mobile vendor select Mobile Vendor

(Note: selecting Truck, Stand, and Mobile Vendor allows you to set temporary locations that expire when you decide)

Does your business have more than one store? No problem. Add more stores to your account by tapping the Add Another Store button. You can even add different types of stores which is great for business with permanent store locations that also operate away from their physical store location in their community (An example of this would be a restaurant with a food truck).

3. Download the new Klickle for Business Owners App and start creating content.

Now that your business It’s time to start adding your specials, happy hours, offers and more to the Klickle app. We created an app for just this purpose. Download the Klickle for Business Owners App to your mobile device from the  Apple App Store or Google Play Store and keep your customers up to date on everything going on with your business!

4. OPTIONAL: Download the Klickle App and verify your presence on the app

Once your done setting up your business on Klickle it is a good idea to download the Klickle App and verify your business’ appearance and info in the app. 

That's it you are now set up! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you again for choosing Klickle! 

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