How do I set my food truck, stand or mobile location?

Setting your food truck, stand, or mobile location is easy with the Klickle for Business Owners app. Setting a location by creating a Location Card is designed with the idea that you are physically at your serving location and serving in real time. In the Klickle app, your customers can view your real time location and find your truck.  If you wish to announce that you will be serving at a location in the future please use the Update card for that purpose. In the following we provide a short quick version and a detailed version of setting your location. 

Short version:

  1. Open the Klickle Biz app
  2. Tap the pink Create button
  3. Select Schedule a Food Truck
  4. Follow the wizard through until the confirm screen and tap Done. Thats it!

Detailed version:

  1. Open the Klickle for Business Owners app (Klickle Biz)
  2. If not already, login to your account using your Username and Password (the same Username and Password you use to login to the Merchant Web Portal)
  3. Tap the pink Create button in the bottom right
  4. Tap Schedule a Food Truck button. If you have more than one truck, stand or mobile vendor you will be required to choose which specific truck you want to set.
  5. A map will open tap Place Truck button until your logo appears in the appropriate spot corresponding to where you are physically at. Tap Confirm Location to lock in your location. Below is an example of Big Red Food Truck setting their location somewhere in Des Moines, Iowa.
  6. On the Time, Location Synopsis and Message screen, set the time you are serving at the location, enter a location name your customers are familiar with, and if desired enter a message for your customers. Once done hit the Next button.  In the below picture, Big Red Food truck has set their time from 10am to 2pm and gives their location the name Sculpture Park and has also included a message for their customers.
  7. On the Location Picture screen, choose to take a picture with your device, pick a picture from your photo gallery or use your existing business logo. In the picture below Big Red Food Truck selects the option to Use Business Logo.
  8. On the Select Card Layout screen, choose the appropriate card layout you wish you customers to see. (It's possible there may only be one layout to choose from if you have no enhancement cards and if you select to use your logo). Once you tap a layout it will be highlighted in pink and you can tap Next to continue.
  9. On the Confirm Card screen, review your card for any errors in spelling or content and if everything is ok then press the Done button. Once done, your card is live and visible on the Klickle app. Your location is set!

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